Traditional control designs use a single processor (or computer) to sequentially "poll" the connected welding devices and sensors. The more complex the process, the greater number of devices to be polled, and the slower the control loop runs. On a DSP platform each sensor or device has a dedicated DSP that runs synchronously with all other processors delivering high speed communication for accurate process control and monitoring. This networked structure of dedicated DSP's is similar to the networked office computer system in which each person can perform dedicated work but share critical information with all other connected users.
SES's systems have control and monitoring cycles of up to 10,000 times per second. This high speed control provides the very consistent and accurate current and voltage control necessary for precision hot wire applications. It also provides extremely precise motion control for precision components. The high speed monitoring assures processes are performed consistently and as specified.

SES's automated welding systems incorporate AMET's Digital Signal Processor Technology (DSP). AMET uses networked DSPs in all its system to provide very high speed control and monitoring of all welding parameters and welding sensors. SES chose this technology for performing the precision cladding and welding application that are its specialization.

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