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Simulated Interrupted Bore

Most bore clad controls in use today require the operator to over run the starts and stops from one bore into the next and then grind them flush. This technique not only requires additional time and costly consumables, it potentially compromises the quality of the weld metal overlay.

No grinding required

SES's XM cladding system combine simplified part geometry programming with precision motion and process control to produce "start and stops" that are accurate enough to be tied in flawlessly with one or two automated autogenous seal passes.

​Simulated Interrupted Bore

Intersecting Bore

Major/ Minor - Intersecting Bores - Tough/ Hard Inconel 625

XM is not a "Touch to teach" programming interface. It's a powerful user friendly three dimensional programming interface with virtually unlimited capability. The SES XM systems with advanced DSP technology give our programmers and operators control of every element of the welding process while providing the mechanical accuracy of a machine tool.